Windshield & Glass Repair

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When you're on the road, a clear line of sight is a matter of safety for yourself and others around you. If you have automotive glass damage that needs repaired, we're here to help! Even if the damage doesn't appear to obstruct your line of sight, if left untreated, the cracks can easily spread across your entire window making repairs more costly and time consuming. Even changes in temperature can magnify this damage quickly! Minor glass damage like cracks and pits are a quick simple fix for our auto glass repair professionals, so don't put it off!

Quality you can depend on


Our automotive glass repair services can be utilized for a variety of glass damage, like chips, cracks, and scratches. Auto glass damage happens quickly, so its handy to have a team of certified automotive glass repair professionals that are only a phone call away. We handle windshields of all types, as well as side and rear windows and other glass damage, so give Auto Wizards a call for your complimentary consultation or click the button below to send us an inquiry.

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